We connect patients with doctors and Licensed Producers to get the best quality cannabis for medicinal purposes, legally.

It takes five minutes to register and book your free ten minute appointment with a doctor. Appointments are held in any of our clinics now open in BC & Alberta.

From there, our Patient Educators will work with you to choose a Licensed Producer (LP) and set up your account. We will help you make your first order online, and it will be shipped through Canada Post.

Licensed Producers

From massive productions to small batch craft growers, our range of Licensed Producers provide our patients with the highest quality medicinal marijuana. These are just a few that we work with.

Cannafarms Canntrust

We connect patients with Licensed Producers to get the best quality cannabis for medicinal purposes. Through Compass, patients gain access to Health Canada Licensed Producers to purchase cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Our clinics provide a safe place to share information and knowledge about marijuana infused products and the different effects they can have, so you can choose the right LP.

If you would like to get a prescription for medical cannabis, or to get access to one of our Licensed Producers, book an appointment to meet with one of our doctors at a clinic near you.

For Your Information

Orders take 1-2 weeks depending on the LP you choose.

Medical marjuana prescriptions must be renewed every three months.

We have 20 Licensed Producers to choose from.

Prescriptions are good to have if you need to travel with your medication.

Many organizations and their benefit plans are starting to cover some of the costs associated with medicinal cannabis.

Why Cannabis?

Cannabis has proven to be an effective alternative medicine in the reduction of symptoms associated with the following ailments.

Slows formation of amyloid plaques by blocking enzymes in the brain.

Reduces agitation.

Reduces inflammation and pain.

Aids in pain management / enhances appetite; also shown to reduce growth of some cancer cells.

Binds to receptors on nerves to relieve pain.

Stimulates appetite.

Controls seizures.

Reduces inflammation and pain.

Decreases pressure inside the eye.

Stimulates appetite.

Reduces pain.

Binds to receptors in the nerves and muscles to relieve pain.

Reduces inflammation and pain.

Reduces pain and tremors and improves sleep.

Reduces flashbacks, agitation and nightmares.

& many more...

Book an appointment with one of our doctors online, and qualify for your medical access card today.