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Compass Cannabis Clinic has entered into a partnership with Starbuds, which is based in Colorado, USA. One of the best established cannabis brands in the US, you can learn about them by watching the reality hit TV show, Pot Barons of Colorado.

With licensing to operate in four states (Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland and Massachusetts), they’ve done over $100 million in sales since legalization.

This partnership allows Compass to benefit from Starbuds’ operational expertise in this highly regulated market for future success.

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The emerging Canadian cannabis market provides an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter into the most rapidly growing industry since the birth of the internet.

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We are the fastest growing organization in the Canadian medicinal cannabis market.

  • Proven Methods of Operation
  • Regulation Compliant
  • Trustworthy Reputation
  • Established Processes
  • Industry Connections

After legalization in Canada, most Compass Cannabis Clinic locations will convert to a dispensary model as regulations allow.


We've partnered with Starbuds, based out of Colorado USA. With 10 locations and over $100 million in sales since Colorado legalized, the partnership brings a wealth of experience to our operations. Learn more about the joint venture here.

We offer opportunity to invest in individual Compass locations, as well as the ability to invest in the corporate level as we are currently raising capital to become publicly traded.

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    We will contact you and present a copy of our investment pitch deck along with other essentials to start your investment with Compass Cannabis Clinic.

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