Guiding patients through a streamlined process for access to medicinal cannabis.


To be Canada's largest and most trusted cannabis clinic in providing patient education, advocacy and support.


Our focus is customer care through innovation, knowledge and advocacy.

Compass Cannabis Clinic is committed to supporting individuals as they explore alternative medicinal remedies.

Our core philosophy is one of advocacy for patients who are looking to learn more about the marijuana industry and the variety in products that it affords.

We also offer diversity to those who are interested in investing in the industry as we are currently raising capital to be publicly traded.

We currently have multiple Compass locations that are already in operation and others that are still being constructed across Canada.

We connect patients with Licensed Producers to get the best quality cannabis for medicinal purposes. Through Compass, patients gain access to Health Canada Licensed Producers to purchase fresh cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Meet The Team

Dave Martyn

President & Founder

One of the Founders of Compass Cannabis Clinic, Dave Martyn is also the acting President of the organization. He has previously acted as both Regional Area Developer and as a franchise owner for numerous restaurant concepts. This has included executive roles for Extreme Brandz, the 2011 Food Service Company of the Year in Canada. Dave draws upon personal experience in owning and developing multiple franchise locations to help guide our location development. He has a real passion for driving opportunities that benefit both the Compass operators and investor partners. Dave is also the President of Compass’s retail brand, Starbuds, which has international operations through the US and has already received multiple retail licenses for locations in Canada. In addition to his own personal investment with other regional and national restaurant chains, Dave has also been in Business Development, Franchise Sales, and Leasing and Operations for franchises in western Canada for several years. Compass is also expanding its operations to Australia, which is inline with the organizations goal of further international expansion, and a division which Dave will also be heading as President.

Graeme Hawkins

Vice President & Co-Founder

Vice President and Co-Founder of Compass Cannabis Clinic, Graeme Hawkins is also responsible for the build-out of each Compass location. He has an eye for design and attention to detail, as shown through his time spent at Craft Beer Market and WATCH IT! where he was also a franchisee. Graeme has the ability to manage all aspects of any project and its development while adhering to time and budget restraints. With his knowledge of zoning requirements and compliance regulations, Graeme is the main point of contact for landlords, contractors and licensees for Compass.

Brianna Martyn

Director of Operations & Co-Founder

Brianna Martyn is the Director of Operations and one of the Co-Founders of Compass Cannabis Clinic. Previously, she worked for large retail chains including Walmart and Best Buy in corporate management. She draws upon experience working in the franchise model from time spent at WATCH IT! and Pet Land Canada as the national Director of Training for each. Her retail management expertise allows Compass to provide a customer service driven experience for their patients.

Krista Lusted

Director of Corporate Services

Working closely with the corporate head office team and its various departments, Krista Lusted is also a liaison for our partners, shareholders, and licensees. Drawing upon experience in marketing and communications from previously working for award-winning creative agencies, Krista facilitates streamlined production of our business ventures and corporate events. Having also previously worked for national franchises, Krista understands the importance of collaboration between both the national and local levels.

Joshua Taylor

Relationship Development Manager

Joshua Taylor (JT) comes to Compass Cannabis Clinic with a wealth of experience from the craft beer industry. Having been in the restaurant industry for over 15 years, there are many parallels between the alcohol and cannabis markets that Josh will be able to apply his expertise to. Previously working with 200+ breweries and liquor importers, Josh has the ability to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. Having operated in a highly regulated industry previously, he will be a resource to our License Producer partners and a liaison for government boards as we approach legalization.

Tracey Lamothe

Office Manager

With years of experience in accounting and customer service, Tracey ensures all of our accounts are up to date for a smooth operation for our head office and locations. She is a key member of the Compass Cannabis Clinic group as she assists with many aspects of our ever growing organization. Main responsibilities include accounts payable/receivables and account balancing for our location partners.

Kara Wilhelm

General Manager

Kara has spent the last 15 years in the social services field, primarily in mental health and substance use. She has previously worked on provincial projects involving the Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Children & Family Development. Kara ensures that our clinics provide safe, evidence-based and free access to medicinal cannabis. Kara believes that Compass Cannabis Clinic is working hard to shift the stigma that often accompanies cannabis use. Her previous experience working within the mental health and wellness industry have really influenced her philosophy of that of a patient-focused model. Kara works with our physicians to ensure they have access to the most up-to-date research, literature and information regarding prescribing cannabis for medicinal use. Kara supports each of our clinics throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Emiko Furrer

Project Coordinator

Meet our Project Coordinator, Emiko Furrer. With a Bachelors from Ryerson University in Urban Planning, Emiko excels in organization and implementation for our clinic and retail development. An advocate for the medicinal properties of cannabis, Emiko believes that all communities should have access to this alternative medicine. As such, working alongside Graeme in development of our clinics, she is instrumental in the future growth of Compass at both a local and national level.

Cody St. Godard

Outside Sales

Cody works with potential investors to determine if there’s a fit with Compass Cannabis Clinic. Drawing upon his experience in hospitality, customer service, and sales, Cody keeps the lines of communication open and honest in this ever-changing industry.

Riley Dunkin

Technical Support Analyst

With years of experience in local Web Development, SEO, Google Analytics & Business, Graphic Design and Multi-National Campaign Marketing, Riley brings a vast pool of knowledge to the Compass team. He has his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems from Okanagan College as one of the youngest graduates in the program. Riley is also an award winning co-author for research journals published in Indonesia, London UK and Vancouver BC. Along with providing technical support to our head office and clinic staff, he keeps our website beautiful and up to date.

Camilo Lopez

Graphic Designer

The mind behind the brand, Camilo is our in-house designer that created the Compass logo and brand elements. Camilo is our resident expert for applying our branding to anything and everything, while keeping our aesthetic consistent and beautiful. With previous experience doing graphic design for an award-winning marketing agency, Camilo’s goal is to elevate cannabis to the next level through eye-catching design.

Melanie Perron

Training Coordinator

With a passion for education and a strong belief in the benefits of cannabis, Melanie works hard to make sure you have all of the information you need, ready and available to get you on your way to a whole and healthy lifestyle. From the inner workings of our clinic locations to cannabis education on all levels, Melanie is creating a multi faceted training program and educational support system for everyone in the compass family.

Tori Lodge

Patient Care Coordinator

As our Patient Care Coordinator, Tori is the point of contact for our licensed producer partners and patients alike. She ensures that we are providing the highest quality care and education for our patients. In addition to compiling and updating patient information/statistics, form processing, and registration for patients, Tori also aids the marketing department with assistance in social media and marketing administration.

"Absolutely fantastic experience at Compass. Reasonable, helpful doctor and amazing staff. All my questions were answered and worries put to rest."
- Brandon H.
"I got to see a doctor with in days which never happens. The girls were very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend this clinic!"
- Danielle C.
"So fast, and they do everything for you. That is awesome. I recommend for sure"
- Richard R.

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